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MINDS CDT are looking for summer interns!

Deadline: 1st March 2021

Applications are currently closed for 2021.

This is a fantastic opportunity for students interested in broadening their understanding of the link between AI Hardware and Software. Work with us to explore the exciting research areas within MINDS. If you're interested in joining the CDT, fill out the application form below and send it to

A snapshot of what our 2020 interns did: 

One of our interns worked with Dr Bahar Rastegari and two PhD students on the Distributed Inference project. She investigated techniques for splitting trained deep learning models across multiple, coordinating hardware devices such that the overall system performs the function of the trained model. She used Alexnet to train an image classification model using the CIFAR-10, and decentralised this model across two Raspberry Pis and a PC to develop a proof of concept.

Another of the 2020 interns worked with Dr Christine Evers and two other PhD students on the Audio at the Edge project. He investigated novel neural networks for IoT devices that can detect periods of voice activity from streaming audio data. We couldn't use the CDT lab over the summer, so he set up a virtual environment that simulated an Android mobile device that received emulated audio signals in real-time. He then demonstrated how voices can be distinguished using his DNN design.

Download application form here

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