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Non-markovian reward modelling from trajectory labels via interpretable multiple instance learning - Joseph Early, Tom Bewley, Christine Evers and Sarvapali Ramchurn
Type: Article | 2022
Measured behaviour of a memristor-based tuneable instrumentation amplifier - Fan Yang, Alexantrou Serb and Themistoklis Prodromakis
Type: Letter | 2022
Emergent password signalling in the game of Werewolf - Olaf Lipinski, Adam Sobey, Federico Cerutti and Timothy Norman
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2022
Low-power supralinear photocurrent generation via excited state fusion in single-component nanostructured organic photodetectors - Giannis Antoniou, Peisen Yuan, Loukas Koutsokeras, Stavros Athanasopoulos, Daniele Fazzi, Ioulianna Panidi, Dimitra Georgiadou, Themistoklis Prodromakis and Panagiotis Keivanidis
Type: Article | 2022
TinyOps: ImageNet Scale Deep Learning on Microcontrollers - Sulaiman Sadiq, Jonathon Hare, Partha Maji, Simon Craske and Geoff Merrett
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2022 | Item not available on this server.