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Experimental characterization of fault-tolerant circuits in small-scale quantum processors - Rosie Cane, Daryus Chandra, Soon Xin Ng and Lajos Hanzo
Type: Article | 2021
Similarity-aware CNN for efficient video recognition at the Edge - Mohammadamin Sabetsarvestani, Jonathon Hare, Bashir Al-Hashimi and Geoff Merrett
Type: Article | 2021
Perceptions - Daniela Mihai and Jonathon Hare
Type: Art Design Item | 2021
Learning to Draw: Emergent Communication through Sketching - Daniela Mihai and Jonathon Hare
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2021 | Neural Information Processing Systems | Item availability restricted.
Convex multi-view clustering via robust low rank approximation with application to multi-omic data - Omar Essam Shetta, Mahesan Niranjan and Srinandan Dasmahapatra
Type: Article | 2021